Searching for Bigfoot?

By far the best evidence of a bigfoot sighting is the Patterson film. It looks real, but Patterson did set out to capture bigfoot on film and just maybe he faked it.

Bigfoot Sightings.

You think by now, with todays technologies, there would be more videos and pictures of bigfoot on the web. Except for the Patterson film, no evidence of the Bigfoot monster seems to exist. Perhaps Survivor Man, Les Stroud, will capture bigfoot on HD video.  I have seen cast of bigfoot tracks but you never knows if they are authentic. Please share your thoughts below. Thanks.

If I had a Bigfoot Sighting. by Charlene

If I saw the bigfoot monster I would try my best to get a picture! Then, I would leave bigfoot some food.

I would also want to leave bigfoot some hygiene supplies like soap, toothpaste and toiletries because

I hear bigfoot smells really really bad.