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Fake Dr. Excuse

So you need a Fake Doctor's Excuse to return to work? Well, no worries, this is a common condition. Just follow my regiment and you'll be back to work in no time.

Create your Fake Dr. Excuse by filling in the blanks. When complete you will be shown your Fake Doctor Excuse with the information you provided. You can then print the Fake Doctor's Excuse and/or download the Fake Doctor's Excuse as a PDF and print later.

Remember, this Fake Dr.'s Excuse is for entertainment purposes only!

Please see the Receptionist before leaving.

Date of Dr. Office visit:

Patient's Name:


Was under Doctor's care from:


He/She will Return to Work on:

Illness or Injury:




Doctor's Office Name:


Doctor's Name:


Doctor's Office Address:




Doctor's Office Phone:

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