Vintage Post Cards

My PostCard Collection
 A collection of old postcards

Flamingos in Florida.    Post Marked  None.
Flamingos of Florida
Most Holy Sacrament Catholic Church.    Post Marked  None.
Most Holy Sacrament Catholic Church

Orlando Court House, Florida.    Post Marked  None.
St. Marks St. San Francisco, Calif.    Post Marked 1941.

Street Flower Vendors, San Francisco, Calif.    Post Marked 1941.
The Hiawatha.    Post Marked 1940.

New York World's Fair.    Post Marked 1940.
Gateway to Metairie Cemetery, New Orleans, LA.    Post Marked 1940.

The Will Rogers' Ranch House.    Post Marked 1940.
Cliff House and Seal Rocks.    Post Marked 1941.

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